Opinion Ballots

As a participant in Great Decisions, you have already taken a first step in understanding issues that face our government.  By sharing our opinions on these issues, we can become an active participant in the democratic process.  This sharing of our opinions with decision makers in Washington is now done using an online system.  In the back of your Briefing Book you can find information about the online process and printed copy of every question on the ballots. It is useful to go here first where you can review the questions being asked for each topic.  Use and mark them to assess your personal opinions about the topic once you have completed your study and discussion.  Then, use the link below to access the balloting questions online.  Once there, just select a topi for balloting and follow the prompts to transfer your answers from your book to the online ballot.

For the Opinion Ballot, provided by Foreign Policy Association, please click here.
 Enjoy your discussions and make your voice be heard.