2018 Spring Event – Can Democracy Thrive Without a Free Press? 

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Can Democracy Thrive Without a Free Press? 

April 13th, 2018

Professor Maggie Zanger, UA School of Journalism

Professor Zanger’s teaching and research focuses on international journalism, the Middle East and Islamic world, US-Mexico Border; media coverage of conflict and humanitarian crises; Iraq, Egypt, Kurdistan; media development; and community journalism. She is affiliated faculty at U of A and serves on the Governing Board of the U of A Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

The topic will focus on the effect of the of pressures on journalists and the free press both in foreign regimes, such as Turkey and Mexico,  and in our own country from claims of fake news, reports of Russian hacking, and unvetted social media play in disseminating the news. Professor Zanger will address the role that the professional and personal threats that journalists face, such as death threats, imprisonment, and murder in many countries today, and the effects of unusual animosity and denigration that newspaper and TV journalists are currently experiencing here in the US on the functioning of a democracy.

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