Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs.

The name is shared by a national civic-education program, briefing book and television series administered and produced by the Foreign Policy Association.  The Great Decisions program highlights eight of the most thought-provoking foreign policy challenges facing Americans each year. Great Decisions provides background information, current data and policy options for each issue and serves as the focal text for discussion groups. These discussion groups provide a forum for non-partisan and non-political discussions of those current global concerns. While each session is a part of the series, each session can stand alone.

Keep abreast of Foreign Policy Issues status. Check the News area from time to time and see what is the latest news.

In Tucson, there are over 30 groups. The Tucson Great Decisions Association supports these groups and coordinates joint efforts of the program participants in the Greater Tucson area. The Association works with schools, libraries and communal living complexes to nurture the growth of new groups and maintain the viability of existing discussion groups.

Joining a Great Decision group is easy. First find a group near you. Next Contact the Group Moderator by phone or email. Next attend a discussion group meeting.

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